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  • Pfeiffer beach- California

  • Scuba Diving

  • Lake Waiau

Pfeiffer beach- CaliforniaThe Purple Sand paradise of Pfeiffer is a part of the California coastline beaches. The unique purple colored sand is the peculiarity of this western coast beach of USA. Located in the heart of Big Sur, this beach is beautiful and unspoiled.

Pfeiffer beach sand has mineral deposits of manganese which gives it the purple shade
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Water is the cradle of primordial life, which inherits the roots of our own existence. Scuba diving is the best way to explore sea-life. A scuba set and breathing apparatus is required to practice scuba diving. It differs from the early diving techniques, as scuba diving requires an external breathing set.Scuba diving allows the diver to stay underwater for a longer period

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Lake WaiauLake Waiau, located on Hawaii’s Big Island, is the planet’s highest elevated lake. This tiny lake lies in the crater of Pu'u Waiau cinder cone situated in Mauna Kea Forest Reserve. It is a fact that the size of the lake varies with the amount of water level. This lake freezes in winter and therefore tourists can visit this lake only during summers.

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Bowling Ball Beach

California is a famous global destination for holiday getaways due to its sandy beach-lines. It is believed that the 100-mile coastline .

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Waterskiing is a water sport which was started in the United States of America somewhere around 1920’s. Minnesota is said.

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Cape Hatteras Beach

Cape Hatteras National Seashore located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina extending along northeast-to-southwest line of the Atlantic .

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